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BTS: Fulfill a 750 Piece Candle Order With Us!

March 26, 2022

By: Daralyn Covell

We were recently lucky enough to get hired by a local Real Estate Agency and Mortgage Company to design, create and customize over 750 candles for their businesses. Come behind the scenes as we work to execute this massive order!

After choosing their desired candle vessel, we got busy wicking all of the jars:

Once that was done, we begin measuring our wax and fragrance oil amounts to begin pouring:

We then place the labels on each of the jars and will let the candles cure for 2 weeks:

And finally, here's what the final candle looks like:

Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed, and if you'd like to contact us about making custom candles for your business, event or party please contact us at:

<3 Daralyn's Designs

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